“A New Age” presents a collection of scanned objects of spiritual significance - like a personal cabinet of curiosities along side landscapes that contain clues to possibly understanding something in the shadows or in your periphery that you can’t quite put your finger on. The collection of images encourages the viewer to ask questions but not necessarily to seek answers.

Each of the scanned objects included in this body of work could mark personal milestones; remember the passing of loved ones, memories, or possibly celebrate rites of passage. I’ve removed each object from any context as a meditation on the significance one single object can hold, if any. Each of the landscapes represents a moment of potential unseen magic, mystical interactions with space, or a mysterious glimmer of something that reveals itself, if only for a fleeting moment.

The relationships that develop within this archive might offer a personal history as well as a structure for maintaining a practice of growth without subscribing to one single religion, philosophy, or spiritual path but more to an ever-present feeling that something might be in the air.

crystal wand Blessed bead Grandma's amulets Moon time crystal Grandma's angel Soul retrieval feather Renaissance faire key Blessed virgin's prayer protection pouch 1 deer rib precious box 3 tiny smudge stick Mary statue sparrow wing precious box 2 protection pouch 3 wrapped feather squirrel teeth tatunka protection pouch 2